heavy duty outdoor thread
80-2150D/270-100lady shoe uppers, shoe lining, etc.
60-2210D/280-110leather shoes, uppers, leather garments, footwear, wallet, sports goods, gloves, bags, light leather goods, mattresses, upholstery, automobile seats, industrial filters, carpets, parachutes, zips, etc.
20420D/3120-140heavy stitching of leather goods, omamental stitching of leather shoes, saddlery, tarpaulin, tents, jeep hoods, safety belts, etc.
heavy duty outdoor thread

one of the newest trends in home décor is the decoration of outdoor space. To help you personalize your outdoor living space with furniture and “rooms” that reflects your style, Heavy duty outdoor thread is the ideal thread for sewing and repair of sturdy Fabrics and materials including indoor/outdoor upholstery and furniture, umbrellas and awnings and can even stand up to the rigors of sports gear such as tents, sails, and saddles. High strength-to-size produces strong, neat seams with lint-free sewing Ideal for use on canvas products.