outdoor polyester thread

outdoor thread for sewing

Description Polyester filament outdoor thread for sewing is made of high tenacity polyester continuous filament. It is heat setted and lubricated with high quality silicone wax, which is smoother gliding into the needle hole. This thread has high tenacity, excellent sewability and abrasion resistance features, it is applicable for shoes, handbags, outerwear, curtains, leather goods, industrial products, ect.. Details Material:… Read More »outdoor thread for sewing

heavy duty outdoor thread

Ticket Specification Recommended Applications No. (Denier*Ply) Neddles(NM) 80-2 150D/2 70-100 lady shoe uppers, shoe lining, etc. 80-3 150D/3 80-110 60-2 210D/2 80-110 leather shoes, uppers, leather garments, footwear, wallet, sports goods, gloves, bags, light leather goods, mattresses, upholstery, automobile seats, industrial filters, carpets, parachutes, zips, etc. 40 210D/3 90-120 20 420D/3 120-140 heavy stitching of leather goods, omamental stitching of… Read More »heavy duty outdoor thread

outdoor furniture thread

Specifications: High quality H.T polyester sewing thread is made from continuousfilament high tenacity lubricated polyester sewing thread. It has high UV resistance properties making it an excellent thread for outdoor use.It is designed and manufactured in home using specifically for use on sewing. This reduces the friction during sewing giving an extremely even stitch balance. count: 840D/3,630D/3,300D/3,250D/3,100D/3 color: as per… Read More »outdoor furniture thread