PA6 HTY nylon filament,also known as the first high strength PA6 product (tenacity > 8 g/ denier) developed in China, is one of the high-end products in our company. Besides the good characteristic of high strength and low elongation, PA6 HTY also shows great stability and mechanical properties which makes it possible to replace PA66 in multiple areas and win widely recognition among clients.


Ropes & Threads: Bondi thread, sutures, fish line, military rope, outdoor sport rope,etc.
Weaving & Knitting: High strength nylon fabric, luggage cloth, filtrate fabric, yacht fabric, etc.
Belts: Safety belts, climbing belts, medical belts, etc.

70D/22F/24F 100D/12F/22F/24F/32F 120D/22F/24F
140D/22F/24F/36F 210D/32F/36F/48F 420D/64F/72F
630D/96F/144F 840D/128F/96F

Others: Colored, Semi-dull, full-dull, functionalized (UV resistant, antistatic, flame retardant, etc.)