Nylon Filament

Graphene Improved Nylon 6 Filament

Introduction As a two-dimensional carbon material, graphene shows excellent physical and mechanical properties because of its special monolayer structure. Our graphene improved nylon 6 filament is manufactured by using special PA6 chips prepared from an in situ polymerization of modified graphene (monolayer rate〉85%, particle size< 600 nm) and caprolactam. After the specific polymerization and spinning process, graphene in situ improved… Read More »Graphene Improved Nylon 6 Filament

Colored Nylon high strength filament

To satisfy the needs of high-strength fastener, nylon fiber is produced in larger package(3.5~4kg/unit) and longer length (250000 m endless).Theremarkble coloring and tensile strength performmance contribute to improve work efficency and reduce the waste as well as the work intensity.It is believed that our product is an ideal and competitive fiber for fastener products. Grades140D/12F/90Z/280Z170D/12F/280Z280D/12F/90Z280D/14F/280Z

High strength nylon filament

Introduction PA6 HTY nylon filament,also known as the first high strength PA6 product (tenacity > 8 g/ denier) developed in China, is one of the high-end products in our company. Besides the good characteristic of high strength and low elongation, PA6 HTY also shows great stability and mechanical properties which makes it possible to replace PA66 in multiple areas and… Read More »High strength nylon filament