Polyester FDY twisted yarn

Polyester FDY twisted yarn

Polyester FDY twisted yarn with the general polyester breaking strength and high modulus of elasticity, excellent heat setting, good rebound performance, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to wash fast drying and so on.Polyester FDY twisted silk fast color fastness, high bulk, good insulation, feel comfortable, soft luster.


Polyester FDY twisted yarn features
Polyester FDY twisted yarn made by high temperature melt spinning, with bright colors, uniform color, color fastness, color brightness, environmental protection without dyeing and so on.

Polyester FDY twisted yarn application
Polyester FDY twist yarn can be customized according to customer samples.Polyester FDY twisted yarn is mainly used in home textiles: such as bedding, towels, curtains, tablecloths, sofa cloth and weaving Chinese knot, luxury carpet, wall covering tapestry, digital calligraphy and painting and other textile fabrics.Polyester FDY twisted yarn can also be used in industrial textiles: for embroidery threads, trademarks, woven bags, shoes, hats, handbags, vehicle interior cushion, ribbon, canvas, tents.In addition, Polyester FDY twisted yarn can be used for clothing textiles: such as for the cloth, in the high-end knitwear, high-grade (embroidered) flowers, embroidery, underwear lace, sports and leisure fabrics

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