Industrial fabric twist yarn

Industrial fabric twist yarn are suitable for warp weft yarnsIndustrial twist silk finished fixed length, twist / tension uniform, no oil, no wool, constant tension unwinding, low loss.Whether the twist yarn raw materials need to twist, why twist, add what twist, plus the number of twist, are required according to the requirements of fabric specifications set.The standard is polyester DTY 30D-600D.


Industrial fabric twist yarn features
●Industrial fabric twist yarn (60 twist -1800 twist) can be produced;
●Single-stranded, multi-strand yarn twist, tie-up tension control is moderate, for the post-twist to provide protection;
●CNC stereotypes, from low temperature to high temperature, inside and outside the tube tube heated evenly, no layer difference;
●Industrial fabric twist yarn can be developed according to customer samples;
●Set up a modern testing center, to provide a more comprehensive test report.

Industrial fabric twist yarn application
Industrial fabric twist yarn can be used to make cord fabric, conveyor belt, canvas, ribbon, light box cloth, geotextile, fire belt, industrial sewing thread, fishing net, cable, airbag.