Nylon Twisted Yarn

Industrial fabric twist yarn

Industrial fabric twist yarn are suitable for warp weft yarnsIndustrial twist silk finished fixed length, twist / tension uniform, no oil, no wool, constant tension unwinding, low loss.Whether the twist yarn raw materials need to twist, why twist, add what twist, plus the number of twist, are required according to the requirements of fabric specifications set.The standard is polyester DTY… Read More »Industrial fabric twist yarn

Polyester DTY twisted yarn

Polyester DTY twisted yarn Polyester DTY twisted yarn is a kind of textured yarn of polyester fiber, which is made of polyester chip (PET) as raw material, which is made of high speed spinning polyester pre oriented yarn (POY).Polyester DTY twisted yarn has the advantages of short process, high efficiency and good quality.Polyester DTY twisting yarn is a continuous or… Read More »Polyester DTY twisted yarn

Polyester FDY Twisted Yarn

Polyester FDY twisted yarn Polyester FDY twisted yarn with the general polyester breaking strength and high modulus of elasticity, excellent heat setting, good rebound performance, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to wash fast drying and so on.Polyester FDY twisted silk fast color fastness, high bulk, good insulation, feel comfortable, soft luster.   Polyester FDY twisted yarn featuresPolyester FDY… Read More »Polyester FDY Twisted Yarn

Curtain fabric twist yarn

Curtain fabric twist yarn can be produced with low twist, high twist (60 twist, -1800 twist). It is suitable for warp weft; Single strand and multi ply yarn twisting, joint tension control is moderate, providing guarantee for back twisting; Curtain fabric twist yarn fixed weight length, twist / uniform tension, no oil, no filament, constant tension unwinding, low loss; from… Read More »Curtain fabric twist yarn

Nylon DTY Industrial Twisted Yarn

Nylon DTY twisted yarn Nylon DTY twisted yarn after the bomb, with flexibility.Nylon DTY twisted yarn elasticity, feel fine, uniform dyeing, knitting, woven, wrapped yarn, underwear and so on the ideal material.

Nylon 6 FDY Industrial Twisted Yarn

Nylon FDY twisted yarn Nylon FDY twisted yarn also known as nylon original spinning, nylon filament, nylon raw silk, FDY nylon yarn, FDY nylon wire.If you want to get colorful FDY, you can add in the spinning masterbatch or the finished silk into the barrel of dye.   Nylon FDY twisted yarn featuresThere are two domestic processing methods of nylon… Read More »Nylon 6 FDY Industrial Twisted Yarn

Twisted yarn

Twisted yarn Twisted yarn is the product monofilament or strand is twisted to make it get a certain number of twist.Main purpose is to increase the strength and elasticity of the filament with twist.The general types of twist yarns are:Polyester twisted yarn,Nylon twist yarn. Twisted yarn featuresTwisted yarns is well formed, which is easy to solve, the tension is even,… Read More »Twisted yarn

Nylon high strength twisted yarn

Introduction Towards higher quality of our twisted fiber, advanced twisting equipment is employed to produce nylon fiber with good evenness and shaping, large length (180,000 m endless) and package (4 kg). Grades Twist: 40〜3200Denier: 70D〜1260D