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Tex 30 Bonded Nylon Thread

tex 30 bonded nylon thread
tex 30 bonded nylon thread

Tex 30 nylon bonded thread

Tex 30 nylon bonded thread (Size 33 / Tickets 80 / 100D/3) is a lightweight thread used on home and commercial machines with a size 80/12 to 90/14 needle. Its stitch appearance is inconspicuous.

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Tickets 80 bonded nylon thread
Tickets 80 bonded nylon thread

Features of Tex 30 nylon bonded thread

  • Can tailor-made products according to customer requirements
  • Can prepare a small sample without MOQ limitation
  • High tenacity up to 8g/d
  • Anti-UV, alkalis and acid resistance
  • Low moiture absortion

Specifications of Tex 30 Bonded Nylon Thread

Size 33Average StrengthAverage ThicknessNeedleNominal Yards
Tex Equivalent: 30-35Pounds 5.0Inches 9/1000″ (0.009 in.)Needle Size Range625 per ounce
Gov’t Equivalent: AAKilograms 2.3Millimeters 0.203290/14 to 100/1610,000 per Pound
Tkt Equivalent: 80
Size 33 bonded nylon thread
Size 33 bonded nylon thread


  • Unique lubrication
  • Excellent luster
  • Extensive range of colors
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Superior color fastness and chemical resistance
tex 30 bonded nylon thread
tex 30 bonded nylon thread


  • In order to facilitate the customers to confirm the samples, we can offer samples free of charge, but the customer shall
  • Bear the postage, our common practice is the customer provide us their international express account (such as DHL,
  • FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc.), if they have not, the customers should pay us the money via bank transfer or western union,
  • Thus we pay the postage for them.

Why Choose Us

Stable quality

We passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. We exported to more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad.

Product environmental protection

Our company got OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS Ⅰ certificate, meeting customers’ higher requirements for environmental protection.

Enough inventory

We have 1125 colors in inventory and delivery on the day of receipt of your order.

Pricing & Saving

Customers will pay less overall cost cooperating with BPM. Suitable products meet your market–less stock; on-time delivery–good time with a better price; professional logistic service–less ocean freight fee, shorter shipping time, quicker custom clearance; financial support–less cost with quick response. Our goal is to help customers save more costs and earn much.

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