It’s a kind of high strength sewing thread, nylon sewing thread to produce a strong tensile force, tensile force, luster, high temperature resistant, high speed, mainly is suitable for the leather sewing, such as: shoes, bags, sofa, etc. High strength wire is used the most common leather sewing thread.

Seat Belt Sewing Thread
High Strength Sewing Thread

The advantage of polyamide 66 is its good endurance and flexibility. When it is stretched its 103% to 106%, it will comeback 100%. Nylon 66 bonded thread adopt nylon 66 filament, through special process to bond inside while twisting the yarn, then sticking and finalize the design. While sewing the thread does not disentwine, not cottony. Compared with other threads, this item has good endurance, good tenacity, mezzo flexibility, good sewing effect, small shrink rate.

Nylon Sewing Thread
Nylon Sewing Thread

1. Material: twisted nylon 66

2. Types: 210D/2, 210D/3, 280D/3, 420D/3, 630D/3, 840D/3 and single ply

3. With outstanding strength

4. Extraordinary durability

5. Exceptional resistance to mildew

6. Rot and abrasion

7. Available in various colors

8. Suitable for sewing footwear, leather, canvas, book binding, camping goods, military goods, industrial lifting sling and decorations

9. Packing: 40, 200, 250, 500g, 1lb and 1kg/cone

Special Process: nylon66 fiber,bonded process, and special silicone oil, to make the thread with high heat resitant function


Belt Accessories,Walts, Key, Chains,Filters, Athletic Shoes, Car Equipment, Footwear, Automotive Trime, Gloves,Book Binding, Traps, Covers, Handbags, Leather Goods, Boots, luggage, Bed Spreads/Quilts/Comforters, Mattresses, Comping Equipment, tents, Awning,Flotation Device,Upholstered Furniture


High Strength Sewing Thread
High Strength Sewing Thread

High tenacity CF nylon 6.6 bonded to deliver excellent tensile strength

Specially formulated lubricant for consistent thread tensions and good sewability

Wide range of dye house dyed colors and bobbins available

Special in-line dye-bond technology for cost effective use in military backpacks

Capability to apply in-line anti-wick finish

Nylon Sewing Thread
Nylon Sewing Thread

high strength sewing thread