Bonded Thread


Polyamide 6.6 synthetic fiber, popular name nylon 6.6 synthetic fiber, through special process to bonded inside while twisting the yarn, then sticking and finalize all fiber together like one, while sewing, the bonded thread does not disentwine, not cottony, high resistance to abrasion. The sewing effect is very wonderful due to the advantage of nylon material and the effectual disposal of lubricant

Polyamide 6.6 Thread
Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Polyamide 6.6 Thread

Features: excellent tenacity/good durability/low elongation/high waterproof property/loose strands prevented/excellent seam strength & appearance/high productivity/gentle luster/extensive color range

Application: leather goods/shoes/suitcase & bag/sports goods/outdoor goods/indoor soft decoration/automotive chair/airbag

Materials:Nylon 66
Type:Nylon High Strength Sewing Thread Size V 92 / Tex 90 / Ticket 30 / 210D/4 Raw White and Dyed , Make-to-order service
Color:more 1000 colors from FlyingWheel color card
Logo:Shineman or customer logo
Samples Time:1-2day
Application:Suitable for leather goods/footwear/suitcase & bag/sporting goods/outdoor goods/upholstery
Packing Details:as customer’s requist
Production Capacity:3500ton/year
Payment Term:L/C,T/T and cash
#92 Polyamide 6.6 Thread
Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Polyamide 6.6 Thread

Bonded Nylon Thread