High Tenacity Polyester Sewing Thread


It is made of high-grade inelastic sewing thread that is made of 8g denier 100% polyester filament twisted yarn, single wire shaping, and high-performance wax oil lubrication.


Polyester High Strength Sewing Thread is characterized by a single line, almost no elasticity. Smooth body hairless feathers, strong pull, good color fastness.


The high-end sewing thread products in the polyester filament fiber sewing thread are made of 8g denier filament raw materials, combined with single wire shaping and high-efficiency lubrication, and can be applied to the sewing of thicker, harder leather products, smooth seams and stitches. Beautiful, can improve the appearance and grade of the finished product!

2, the requirements of the fabric cover is relatively fixed, can not be deformed, the High Strength Bonded Polyester Thread is good The choice of products; products require car Bondi line, the choice of polyester Bondi line price is cheaper than High Strength Bonded Nylon Thread.

Model number :

60#(150D/3); 40#(210D/2); 30#(210D/3) ; 25#(250D/3) ;20#(280D/3); 10#(420D/3) ; 5# (630D/3) ; 0#(840D/3) ; 15 shares (1050D/3) ; 18 shares (1260D/3)


Bobbins: net weight 120 g / gross weight 140 g; net weight 225 g / gross weight 250 g;Carton: small box 60 / box;Check box 120 / box and 150 / box.

Nylon Filament Sewing Thread