Nylon upholstery thread we are made of 100% nylon monofilament. We produce dyeing integration, low temperature dyeing to ensure that the sewing thread has enough elongation and elasticity. The good elasticity of nylon upholstery thread is especially suitable for flexible products such as soft sofa and down jacket.100% pure nylon, elastic. When the nylon thread is stretched to 4-6%, it can rebound to the original length 100%, and the fracture elongation can reach 25-30%.It is the best sewing thread partner for soft sponge products and elastic fabrics.

Nylon Upholstery Thread


40 g / cone
200 g / cone
400 g / cone
250 g / cone
500 g / cone
1LB/ cone
2LB/ cone

Note:others according to customer needs.

Features and Benefits:

• High tenacity C.F. nylon 6.6 delivers outstanding tensile strength. 
• Higher abrasion resistance for extreme stitching applications. 
• Unique bond chemistry and proprieties ensure consistent bond and prevents ply untwisting or fraying. 
• Uniquely applied & controlled level of lubrication, thread glides smoothly through needle eye, constant thread tension & balanced stitches. 
• Bonding protects the fiber from damage during stitching.

Nylon Filament Sewing Thread