Nylon Filament Thread Size 46 / Tex 45 / Tickets 60 / 150D/3 is made of nylon 6 or 66. The thread produced has certain stretching force, strong pulling force, luster, high temperature resistance and high speed. It is mainly suitable for leather sewing, such as shoe industry, bag industry and sofa industry. Nylon thread is the most common sewing thread for leather.

Nylon Filament Thread
Nylon Filament Thread Size 46 / Tex 45 / Tickets 60 / 150D/3

Size 46 (Tex 45 / Tickets 60 / 150D/3) nylon thread is a lightweight thread used on home and commercial machines with a size 90/14 to 100/16 needle.

The largest size thread that will work well with sewing machines. High quality #69 bonded nylon. Its stitch appearance is inconspicuous. Excellent abrasion resistance and high tensile strength.Ideal for leather products, footwear, upholstery, luggage, handbags, bookbinding, technical textiles,lightweight gear (tents), thin leather, outdoor garments, delicate upholstery and more.

Bonded Nylon Thread – Size 46
Commercial Size 46
Tex Equivalent: 45
Gov’t Equivalent: B
Average Strength
Pounds 8.0
Kilograms 3.6
Average Thickness
Inches 9/1000″ (0.009 in.)
Millimeters 0.24
Needle Size Range
90/14 to 100/16
Nominal Yards
625 per ounce
10,000 per Pound

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High Strength Sewing Thread
Nylon Filament Thread Size 46 / Tex 45 / Tickets 60 / 150D/3

Bonded Nylon Thread

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