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Nylon thread for sewing leather

Hongfeng nylon thread for leather plays a key role in the sewing leather production process to ensure its reliability and durability in the joints and zipper openings.

Hongfeng offers a comprehensive nylon thread for sewing leather designed to meet the stringent requirements of sewing leather.

thread for sewing leather
thread for sewing leather

Features of Nylon Thread for Leather

Nylon thread is one of the strongest synthetic threads in use today. It has a high strength-to-size ratio in comparison to polyester sewing thread and is also known for its flexibility and stretch.

The high tensile strength of nylon sewing thread makes it ideal for heavy fabrics used in home décor. The added elasticity is also ideal for upholstery applications.

While nylon thread for sewing machine is a great general-purpose thread, we do not recommend it for outdoor applications. Nylon sewing threads do not have the UV resistance of polyester thread and will not last as long outside.

Specification of nylon sewing threads

Tex NoTicket NoDenierStrength (cN)Elogation%Thread Carrier
3080100D/3213518-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
4560150D/3304018-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
7040210D/3435020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
9030250D/3515020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
13520420D/3978022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
21013630D/3515022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
27010840D/31762022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
nylon thread for sewing machine
nylon thread for sewing machine

Why is nylon thread for sewing leather?

At sewing Leather, we only commend nylon thread exclusively because of its excellent sewability. Anything that causes sewing problems is costly and one area you don’t want to skimp on is a thread. The inferior thread could cost you more than you save in the long run. Before your next project, evaluate the benefits of each type of thread to make an informed decision that will impact the life of your product.