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Thick Nylon Thread


40 g / cone
200 g / cone
400 g / cone
250 g / cone
500 g / cone
1LB/ cone
2LB/ cone

Note:others according to customer needs.

Nylon Filament Thread fof Leather Shoes

Thick Nylon Thread

 Thick nylon threads have sufficient elongation and resilience. And it's very tight, and the breaking elongation is 25 to 30 percent. It is very resilient, and when the nylon thread is stretched to 4-6%, it can bounce back 100% to its original length. So thick nylon thread is suitable for some leather products, such as soft sofa, high grade leather goods, leather shoes, etc.

Thick Nylon Thread

Main Size
TEX 50 (210D/2)
TEX 70(210D/3)
TEX 135(420D/3)
TEX 210(630D/3)
TEX 270(840D/3)
Single Ply like:
Note:others according to customer needs.

Nylon Thread

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