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  • 150D/3 Ply Nylon High Tenacity Thread
    150D/3 Ply Nylon High Tenacity Thread

150D/3 Ply Nylon High Tenacity Thread

Material: 100% Nylon Pattern: Dyed Style: Core Spun Yarn
Technics: Ring Spun Yarn Type: DTY, FDY, Filament, POY, Spun, Spun,nylon yarn Feature: High Tenacity, Eco-Friendly,High Tenacity,Recycled
Use: In leather,cases & bags,fishery,garments,fish net,ribbon band etc Twist: International(twist/10cm) Evenness: Good
Yarn Count: 10-80s Strength: 45D-250D, High Place of Origin: Haian, Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: CBNF Model Number: 150D/3ply Spun Polyester Sewing Thread In China Product Name: thick nylon thread for leather sewing
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Colour: Custom    

Top quality 100% High Tenacity Nylon Filament Thread For Sewing

1.Description of Used Sewing Thread Winding Machine

Nylon high strength thread

It is raw material, used for processing to dyed high tenacity polyester filament thread which is the best choice for the knitting and sewing of classical suits, high quality garments, leather&bag, luggage, footwear, upholstered furniture,sporting goods, quiltings, binding, safety yarns, etc.

45D/245D/3  50D/250D/3
60D/260D/3  70D/270D/3
100D/2100D/3  108D/2 
120D/2120D/3  135D/2135D/3
150D/2150D/3  300D/2300D/3
1000D/21000D/3  840D/3 
210D/2210D/3210D/4 210D/2*2210/2*3-210D/17*3
250D/2250D/3250D/4 250D/2*3250D/3*3

normal supply specifications                  

products specifications above can be adjusted as customers required form 45D-11000D

Applications of Product

1. Sew two layers of sports shoe duck material

2. Soft curtain, Zebra curtain, Roman curtain—FDY 75D/150D

3. Vertical blinds—FDY 250D

5. Electromagnetic wire: PET-Glass fiber blended fiber—FDY 50D/75D

5. Filter net for air condition—FDY 30D/50D/75D/150D

6. Reinforcement fabrics.

7. Leather and artificial fur.

8. Warp knitting fabric such as: Stiff mesh fabric, medical/food filter net, inner car decoration.

9. Top-grade eco-friendly filter material

10. Other applications: protective gloves, dust gauze, top-grade window screen, invisible screen, etc.

Nylon Filament Sewing Thread

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