Polyester staple fiber sewing thread is made of 100% polyurethane polyester staple fiber as raw material.

Features of polyester spun thread:

It has high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, low shrinkage and good chemical stability. The surface has wool, temperature resistance 130 degrees, high temperature dyeing. These features ensure excellent seamability and prevent wrinkles and skipped stitches.

polyester spun thread products are mainly used in the cotton spinning industry, spun alone or blended with cotton, viscose fiber, hemp, wool, vinylon, etc. The resulting yarn is mainly used for clothing weaving, and can also be used for home improvement fabrics, packaging fabrics, Filling and insulation.

Polyester spun thread is widely used in the industrial sewing of denim, sportswear, leather products, wool and military uniforms. It is the most widely used and popular sewing thread at present.