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Polyester twisted yarn performance advantages


In the textile industry in the process of yarn processing, in order to ensure the performance of the fabric, usually take the yarn twist method to improve the yarn strength and flexibility.Compared with the product before twisting processing, polyester twisted yarn in all aspects of performance have a great advantage.
Ring yarn in the twisting process, due to fiber movement, from the inner layer of the yarn to the outer layer, and then from the outer layer to the inner layer, repeated repeated movement, the fiber around the axis of the yarn was spiral, spiral radius in the axial Alternately increase or decrease.At this time the length of the fiber more tend to yarn axis, the length of the fiber tend to tend to more than the outer layer of yarn.Reasonable selection of different traits of fiber, can be spun into different styles of yarn, to adapt to different fabric use or improve the performance.
As the polyester twisted yarn can be arbitrarily selected length, fineness and fiber cross-sectional shape, coat fabric should use slightly thick fiber, slightly shorter length of chemical fiber and cotton blended to increase the yarn surface of the hairy sense.

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