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Long filament is commonly used of nylon sewing thread

Nylon sewing thread is made of pure polyamide multifilament. It is divided into long filament, short fiber filament and elastic deformation filament.

At present, long wire is commonly used. It has a large extension and good elasticity, and its tensile length at the moment of fracture is three times greater than that of the same size cotton thread.For chemical fiber, wool, leather and elastic garment sewing. The greatest advantage of the nylon sewing thread is the transparency. Because the line is transparent and the color is good, it reduces the difficulty of sewing thread and has a bright future.But limited to the current market, the transparency of the line is too rigid, the strength is too low concrete saw blade manufacturers, the track is easy to float on the surface of the fabric, in addition to the high temperature, sew speed can not be too high. The line is mainly used for the embroidered applique, is not easy to force parts.

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