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Fishing Twine Product Category Division

In general, more than 99% of Fishing Twine we use is made of synthetic fibers. There are several classifications of monofilament, multifilament, or multifilament of nylon 6 or modified nylon, and polyethylene, polyester, Polyvinylidene chloride and other fibers.

fishing twine product category division

Fishing Twine can be divided into five kinds of functions: gill net, trawl net (trawl net), fence net, net net and net net. High transparency (part of nylon net) and strength, good impact resistance, abrasion resistance, etc., and the net mesh size of the fishing net wire are required to have stability and flexibility, and the appropriate elongation at break (22% to 25%) is required. ). Trawl nets and seine nets used in fishery production are heavy-duty nets for fishing in marine fisheries. In general, the mesh size is 2.5 to 5 cm, and the mesh rope diameter is about 2 mm. The mesh weight can reach several tons or even tens of tons. Usually, a pair of tugs pulls separately to chase a fishing group or lure the fish cluster by a light boat. Enclosed together. Cast nets for light fishing nets for fishing in rivers and lakes. The size of the mesh is 1 to 3 cm, the diameter of the rope is about 0.8 mm, and the weight of the mesh is several kilograms.

Set-up nets and cages are lakes, reservoirs or artificial breeding nets for bays. Sizes vary according to the species of fish they are raising. Fleeing fish in certain waters will not escape and prevent loss due to fish fleeing.

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