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Breaking strength of polyester twisted yarn

polyester twisted yarn

Polyester twisted yarn use polyester chips as raw materials, the use of high-speed spinning polyester pre-oriented wire, and then by drawing false twist processing, suitable for manufacturing dressed fabrics, bedding and decorative items.Polyester twisted yarn curl expansion rate is high, the absolute loose is better, rich fabric, can be fired by the process of refining, the process of low residual elongation dyeing better, higher strength, high crimp rate.In the case of non-wool, will choose a lower residual elongation, and too high residual elongation will be issued polyester twist silk filament, shrinkage, weaving and dyeing is not easy to stereotypes, wrinkles and other adverse effects.
Polyester sewing thread is made by spinning and post-processing fiber, with excellent shape function, in the use of repeated washing, can still be durable and stable.Polyester molecules in addition to the existence of two hydroxyl groups, and no other polar groups, so polyester fiber hydrophilic poor.Polyester molecules also contain aliphatic hydrocarbon chains, it can make sure polyester molecule has flexibility, but because the polyester molecule otherwise can not rotate within the benzene ring, the polyester macromolecular fundamental rigid molecules, the molecular chain is easy to adhere to the line.As a result, Polyester twisted yarn is easy to form a crystal under the condition of polyester macromolecule, so the degree of crystallinity and orientation of polyester twisted yarn is higher.

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