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Basic explanation about bonded thread

Bonded thread

        Polyester bonded thread is made of high quality polyester fiber. When it is used with special lubrication formula oil, in the sewing process, high temperature resistance, no stretching, no bleaching, continuous line, no lint and other properties, and has a waterproof, Mildew and other characteristics. Polyester bonded thread is suitable for all kinds of high-strength pull line requirements.

        Bonded thread is made of high-quality environmentally friendly nylon filaments and polyester filaments which are bonded together. They can be divided into two types, with soft bonded thread and special strong bonded thread.

        Bonded thread not only has the characteristics of ordinary nylon thread, but also has the advantages of high tensile strength, good wear resistance, low shrinkage, moderate elasticity, smooth sewing marks and so on.Bonded thread is widely used in daily high-quality sewing products such as sewing automobile seats and airbags, leather furniture, bags, parachutes, wetsuits, high-end sports shoes, tents, sails, car hoods, and high-grade bedding.

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