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How to choose the Nylon Fishing Twine?



       Nylon Fishing Twine is made of nylon yarn twisted together. This line has strong pull, luster and high temperature resistance. Nylon fishing Twine is mainly used in the main line and sub line of fresh water fishing。

        Now fishing is Twine, this fish line is high strength,good wear resistance, elastic and soft, and smooth and straight。How to choose the Nylon Fishing Twine? We need to pay attention to the following points:

(1) it depends on the specifications. In early spring and early winter, the vitality of the fish is weakened due to the bottom of the water temperature。From mid spring to early autumn, the temperature and water temperature were relatively high。The activity range and range of activities of fish increased correspondingly, and the Nylon Fishing Twine could be thickened as appropriate。

(2) to look at the color,the water quality is clearer,the choice is transparent white or gray line; deeper,it should be milky white line; more grass water. Use grass green line or multicolor yarn, in short, strive to make the line color and water quality natural color close。

(3) it depends on the quality of the Nylon Fishing Twine,no scar on the outside, and smooth and elastic twist. If necessary, use your hand to pull it off to see how it will withstand the pull。

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