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Main uses of polyester sewing thread

Polyester sewing thread is used to sew all kinds of clothing materials, which has double functions of utility and decoration. The quality of suture not only affects the sewing effect and processing cost, but also affects the appearance quality of finished products. Therefore, the general concept of stitching, the relationship between twist, twist and strength, the classification of stitches, characteristics and main uses, and the selection of sutures are introduced.

Nylon sewing thread is made of pure nylon multifilament, divided into long thread, short fiber thread and elastic deformation line. At present, a long filament yarn is commonly used, which has a large degree of elongation and good elasticity, and its tensile elongation at the instant of breaking is more than three times that of a cotton thread of the same specification. Nylon sewing thread is used for sewing chemical fiber, wool, leather and stretch garments. The biggest advantage of nylon sewing thread is its transparency. Because this thread is transparent and color is good, it reduces the difficulty of sewing wiring and has a bright prospect of development. However, in the current market, the transparency of the transparent wire is too high, the strength is too low, and the stitches are easy to float on the surface of the fabric. In addition to the high temperature, the sewing speed cannot be too high. At present, these lines are mainly used as decals, edging, and other difficult parts.

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