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Uses of polyester twisted yarn

polyester twisted yarn

 Polyester twist yarn can be divided into civil and industrial use.
1.Civilian purposes including clothing and household fabric two kinds. Generally can be divided into weaving, knitting, warp knitting fabric, etc.Polyester twisted yarn can be used to make socks, underwear, shirts, sweatshirts, carpets, etc., and cotton, wool, viscose and other fiber blends, so that blended fabric has a good wear resistance, but also the production of bedding and outdoor accessories, Furniture and other fabrics.
2.In industrial applications, Polyester twisted yarn are mainly used in the production of tire cord, belt conveyor belt, fishing nets, rope, Peng Fan base cloth, sewing thread, filter cloth, non-woven, etc.Involving transportation, fisheries, military and other fields.
Polyester twisted yarn wear resistance in all the first fiber, 10 times higher than the cotton, 20 times higher than the wool, 50 times higher than the viscose,Polyester twisted yarn can withstand tens of thousands of double radial, elastic recovery is also particularly good, Polyester twisted yarn filament rebound rate of up to 99%.

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