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Requirement of polyester twist yarn is higher

polyester twist yarn 

Polyester twist yarn fabric is now mainly used for the production of active sets, scarves, etc., the prospects are good for us.In the medical field, mainly used for the production of bandages.Polyester twisted yarn products are mainly used in the production of decorative fabrics.Polyester twist yarn is a textile fabric, with monofilament, strand, special yarn and other varieties.
Types of twisted yarn are; viscose twisted yarn, polyester twisted yarn, nylon twisted yarn concrete saw blade manufacturers, silk twisted yarn and so on.Non-steam vacuum shaping makes the twisted yarn excellent.Nylon sewing thread so its filament plus twist to add its strength and elasticity as the key target.With the miniaturization of the car, the high functionality of the electrical and electronic configuration, the process of reducing the weight of the machine, the demand for nylon will be higher and higher.

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