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Polyester twisted yarn wire is loose

Polyester twisted yarn loose is better, polyester twist silk by the bomb process on the mediation, polyester twisted yarn on the post-weaving, dyeing and finishing is a tight parameter.Polyester twisted yarn rolling water expansion rate is simply the difference between the rate of expansion of the hot water when the yarn, polyester twist yarn is too high when the short code, but the cloth in the stereotypes, the fabric will be better, polyester twisted silk Low inflation rate is not easy, easy to shape, easy to wrinkle, less by the abbreviated.
Twisting principle of polyester twisted yarn is that the fiber is condensed and twisted in the rotating flow field of high speed rotating cup. Arrangement of fibers in yarns:
a.The fiber structure is loose, the extension is poor, the internal and external transfer is low.
b.Structure of the yarn core is close, the outside of the fiber is loose, and the yarn is wrapped outside the core.
c.Low strength, good evenness.
Polyester twist yarn forward tension can accept the maximum tensile strength, the number of polyester twisted yarn indirect impact strength, abrasion resistance of cloth torn.Polyester twist yarn customers in the selection of materials will also pay attention to the lack of strength is too low, torn cloth, also occurs in distress, in the process of weaving polyester twisted yarn, is easily broken, the ordinary are set above 3 CN/dtex.
Main purpose of polyester twisted yarn is to have a continuous thread weaving conditions in the merger, after twisting stereotypes.DTY polyester twisted yarn is used for shaping, chemical fiber, silk, cashmere yarn, cloth, curtains, wrinkling, printed cloth, polyester textured yarn has good wearing performance, comfortable type, like wool, crisp, wear-resistant and strong, easy to wash, quick drying, easy Margaret moth, wearing comfortable, beautiful and generous.
Polyester twisted yarn is suitable for the use of knitted underwear, swimwear, diving suit sewing, trademarks, underwear, bras, sports footwear, sportswear and other elastic parts of the sewing.

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