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How to use Fishing Twine to produce Fishing Net

Generally small household fishermen catch fish by fishing nets, mainly for their own food. The nets are woven using fishing nets, then do you know how to weave nets with fishing twine? There are three methods for weaving fishing nets. Today, We introduces them to you.

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The method of twisting is to use two groups of fishing twine (Nylon fishing twine or Polyester fishing twine) to be twisted simultaneously by the machine. At the junction point, the two sides cross each other to form a net. Because the yarn is not bent at the nodules, the net is smooth and friction is reduced, but the twist is reduced. The machine has low efficiency, complicated preparation procedures, limited horizontal mesh, and is only suitable for weaving large meshes. The knotting method is a traditional method of making a fishing net. A fishing net is formed by weft threads in a warp and a shuttle. The nodule size is 4 times the diameter of the net rope and protrudes from the netting plane.

Warp-knitted, warp-knotted fishing nets are flat, wear-resistant, light-weight, stable in structure, high in nodule strength, and will not be deformed or loose after being damaged. They can be widely used in sea fishing, freshwater fishing and breeding, and other applications. Various special uses.

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