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How to repair the nets of fishing nets

In the process of using fishing nets, we will also appear to be damaged. At this time we need to repair the fishing nets. Now let's find out.

fishing nets

One is the patching method, which is applicable to the repair of small-sized holes and cracks in the repair of nets. It is most commonly applied and skilled in the method of patching to avoid the occurrence of small tearing and tearing of mesh. It can also Divided into single-line compensation method and heavy line compiling method, in which the single-line compensatory method for flow gill net net clothing, process requirements are more stringent, labor-saving material; heavy line compiling method is more material, but the patching speed , process requirements are low. The other is the interpolation method, which is more suitable for large holes in fishing nets.

The repair of a complete fishing net needs to be placed in a suitable environment, which will play a very good role in ensuring the performance of the fishing net and bring great benefits.

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