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Characteristics of nylon sewing thread

Nylon sewing thread is composed of a continuous filament nylon fiber twisted, smooth, soft, elongation rate of 20%---35%, has good elasticity, burning white smoke. High wear resistance, good light resistance, mildew proof, coloring degree about 100 degrees, low temperature dyeing. Because of its high strength, durable, seam seam procumbent, to serve a wide variety of sewing industrial products have been widely used.

Nylon sewing thread wire material, out of the production line has a certain tensile force, tensile force, strong luster, high temperature, high speed, mainly suitable for sewing leather, footwear, such as: Bao Daiye, sofa industry etc.. Nylon sewing thread is the most common leather sewing thread. Nylon thread is used to stitch all kinds of clothing materials concrete saw blade manufacturers. Nylon sewing thread has dual functions of practicality and decoration.

The quality of Nylon sewing thread not only affects the sewing effect and the processing cost, but also affects the appearance quality of the finished product. Therefore, we will introduce the general concept, twist, twist and strength, classification, characteristics and main uses of nylon line, and introduce the selection of nylon line. It is convenient for enterprises to make standards and carry out related tests, and determine the formation of nylon line.


nylon sewing thread


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