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Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Bonded Polyamide 6.6 Thread: Top 5 Applications and Advantages

Filament sewing Thread

In the world of textiles and sewing, the choice of thread can make a significant difference in the quality and durability of the final product. One such thread that stands out in the industry is the Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Bonded Polyamide 6.6 Thread.

Characteristics of Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Bonded Polyamide 6.6 Thread

Material Composition

  • This thread is made from Polyamide 6.6, a synthetic polymer known for its exceptional strength and durability.
  • The “1LT” in its name signifies its bonded nature, where the individual fibers are treated and bonded together, enhancing their cohesion.

Tex90 #92 Specifications

  • The Tex90 #92 designation denotes the thickness and strength of the thread.
  • “Tex90” represents the tex measurement, which is approximately 90 grams per 1000 meters, indicating a medium to heavyweight thread.
  • “#92” relates to the denier measurement, with 1 denier being equal to 1 gram per 9000 meters. Thus, #92 suggests a thread with a denier of 92.

Raw White Color

  • The “Raw White” color option offers a neutral base for various sewing projects.
  • It allows for easy dyeing if desired, making it versatile for creative endeavors.

Top 5 Applications of Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Bonded Polyamide 6.6 Thread

  1. Automotive Industry : In automotive manufacturing, this thread is used for stitching upholstery, airbags, and other critical components due to its strength and resistance to wear and tear.
  2. Aerospace Industry : Its durability and resistance to extreme conditions make it suitable for stitching components in the aerospace sector.
  3. Outdoor Gear and Apparel : This sewing thread is a popular choice for sewing outdoor gear like tents, backpacks, and jackets.
    Its water and UV resistance make it ideal for such applications.
  4. Footwear Industry : Shoemakers rely on this thread for stitching shoes, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  5. Leather Goods : For crafting leather goods such as wallets, belts, and bags, this thread offers both strength and a clean finish.
Filament sewing Thread
Filament sewing Thread

Top 5 Advantages of Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Bonded Polyamide 6.6 Thread

  1. Strength and Durability : Its Polyamide 6.6 composition provides exceptional strength, ensuring that seams and stitches remain intact even under stress.
  2. Resistance to Environmental Factors:The thread is resistant to moisture, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations, making it suitable for outdoor and industrial applications.
  3. Bonded Structure : The bonded structure enhances the thread’s resistance to fraying, abrasion, and seam slippage.
  4. Versatility : The raw white color allows for customization through dyeing, making it adaptable to a wide range of design preferences.
  5. Consistency : Tex90 #92 thread is known for its uniformity and consistent quality, reducing the likelihood of defects in sewing projects.

Tex90 #92 Thread Specifications

Material CompositionPolyamide 6.6
Tex MeasurementTex90
Denier Measurement#92
ColorRaw White


The Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Bonded Polyamide 6.6 Thread is a remarkable thread that has found its place in a multitude of industries and sewing projects. Its unique combination of strength, durability, resistance to environmental factors, and versatility makes it a go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re stitching automotive upholstery, crafting leather goods, or creating outdoor gear, this thread’s reliability and consistency make it an invaluable tool in the world of textiles and sewing. Its bonded structure and raw white color further enhance its appeal, providing endless possibilities for creative endeavors. So, the next time you embark on a sewing project, consider the Tex90 #92 thread and experience the difference it can make in the quality and longevity of your creations.