Nylon Fishing Twine


High strength, good gloss, monofilament fiber uniformity, low shrink, do not fade, etc., the production of nylon twine from 60D/2,70D/2, 110D/2,120D, 150D, 210D/2-150ply, 250D, 300D, 420D.

Nylon fishing twine is made to meet the exacting requirements of the commercial fishing industry.

Nylon Fishing Thread combines high strength, uniformity, excellent tying characteristics.

Nylon Fishing Net Twine’s twist in this twine is set or stabilized with a special heat treatment that prevents ravelling or untwisting of loose ends.

This same treatment makes the twine especially well suited for netmaking – no unwanted tensions are imparted to the net.


Nylon Fishing Twine

• Strong, holds knots well

• For chalk and mason line

• Holds up well to repetitive use

• More durable than natural fiber twine

• Easily seen in bright sunlight or dim areas

• Excellent resistance to rot, abrasion, mildew nylon line


• fishing

• mark brick, block, concrete and landscaping layouts

• Masonry, construction, gardening, bundling, tying packages, crafts,

• households uses

• Decoy line


ItemFishing Twine
Material100% Nylon
ColorAccording to the customer request
Model60D/2,70D/2, 110D/2,120D, 150D, 210D/2-150ply, 250D, 300D, 420D
Yarn Count3s- 36s
Weight250g and other 40-1000g/spool
UseFishing net, Woven bag sewing, Football line, Safety net, Building, Marine cable
Nylon Fishing Net Twine

Packing & Delivery


100g/bobbin to 4000g/bobbin no knot

carton :N.W 25kg/carton

pallet:N.W 550kg/pallet

pp bag:N.W 25kg/bag


Our output is 13tons/per day

one container need 20 days after deposit.

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