Elastic yarn sewing thread

The basic knowledge of sewing thread

The basic common sense of sewing nylon thread, sewing thread is used to sew all kinds of garments, leather handbags, shoes and other sewing materials, and has a dual function of utility and decoration. The quality of the suture does not only affect the sewing effect and processing cost, but also affects the appearance of the finished product. Therefore, the general concept… Read More »The basic knowledge of sewing thread

Nylon Fishing Twine

Description High strength, good gloss, monofilament fiber uniformity, low shrink, do not fade, etc., the production of nylon twine from 60D/2,70D/2, 110D/2,120D, 150D, 210D/2-150ply, 250D, 300D, 420D. Nylon fishing twine is made to meet the exacting requirements of the commercial fishing industry. Nylon Fishing Thread combines high strength, uniformity, excellent tying characteristics. Nylon Fishing Net Twine’s twist in this twine… Read More »Nylon Fishing Twine