This product has high strength, low elongation acid, anti-corrosion.

Temperature (205 ℃), high tensile, wear resistance, low elongation.

The two kinds of products made of colored DuPont materials, in addition to having the characteristics of ordinary nylon line, but also has a high tensile, wear resistance, excellent toughness, the reduction rate is small, elastic moderate, stitch smooth.

Elongation of 15% -25%, temperature (205 ℃), high strength


Polyester synthetic fibre, popular name Polyester filament.(FDY)

Bonded Polyester Thread
420D/3 Bonded Polyester Thread For Leather


120D/3,150D/3,210D/3,280D/3,210D/4,420D/3,630D/3,840D/3, 1050D/3.


The advantage of polyester is its high tenacity, good heat-resistant endurance and sunproofendurance.

Polyester bonded thread adopt polyester filament, through a special process to bond inside while twisting the yarn, then sticking and finalize the design.

Bonded Polyester Thread
420D/3 Bonded Polyester Thread For Leather

After it, while sewing, the thread does not disentwine, no elasticity.

Compare with other thread, this item has good tenacity, good sewing effect, small flexibility, no shrink.

Special Process:

Do the disposal of resist UV after dyeing, so that it has a good character to resist ultraviolet radiation.


Belt Accessories,Walts, Key, Chains,Filters, Athletic Shoes, Car Equipment, Footwear, Automotive Trime, Gloves,BookBinding, Traps, Covers, Handbags, Leather Goods, Boots, luggage, Bed Spreads/Quilts/Comforters, Mattresses, Comping Equipment, tents, Awning,Flotation Device,Upholstered Furniture

Specification Included:

150D/3 , 210D/3 , 250D/3 , 300D/3 , 420D/3 etc. Weight and length per cone can be made customized, e.g. 100g,150g, or 1190y , 1980y etc, we can according to customers requirement and has over 1500 colors in stock. It is widely used in sewing of garment , footwear, leather product , furniture ,car upholstery , bags and other products.

Bonded Polyester Thread
420D/3 Bonded Polyester Thread For Leather

Bonded Polyester Thread