Bonded Thread

Bonded Polyester Thread
277# Tex 270 Raw White Bonded Polyester Thread


1. Material: twisted poyester

2. Types: 210D/2, 210D/3, 280D/3, 420D/3, 630D/3, 840D/3 and single ply

3. With outstanding strength

4. Extraordinary durability

5. Exceptional resistance to mildew

6. Rot and abrasion

7. Available in various colors

8. Suitable for sewing footwear, leather, canvas, book binding, camping goods, military goods, industrial lifting sling and decorations

9. Packing: 40, 200, 250, 500g, 1lb and 1kg/cone

Special Process:

High strength polyester fiber,bonded process, and special silicone oil, to make the thread with high heat resitant function


Belt Accessories,Walts, Key, Chains,Filters, Athletic Shoes, Car Equipment, Footwear, Automotive Trime, Gloves,Book Binding, Traps, Covers, Handbags, Leather Goods, Boots, luggage, Bed Spreads/Quilts/Comforters, Mattresses, Comping Equipment, tents, Awning,Flotation Device,Upholstered Furniture

Bonded Polyester Thread
277# Tex 270 Raw White Bonded Polyester Thread
Product Type:Nylon Bonded Thread (Bonded Inside)
Material:100% Nylon Material
Yarn count: 420D/3
Use:Sewing / Embroidering
Feature:High Tenacity 8gpd , Low Shrinkage
Application:Bags, Shoes, Leather, Car Cushions,Sport Garment ect
Color:raw white and Black
Packing: Hank Thread: 400gram, 500gram, Cone Thread: 5000meters, 10000Meters Small Cone for directing sewing                         Big Cone 1kg, 1.5kg for direct dyeing
Tenacity:8.00 gr/den 
Post-treatment process:Heat Setting
Tube Size:Depends on customers;

Bonded Polyester Thread