100%Polyester bonded thread is made from high tenacity polyester filament thread with bonded finish. It’s treated with a liquid resin and then cured and lubed. The bonding prevents fraying at a cut end, helps resist untwisting tendencies in multidirectional sewing, and protects the thread from abrasion and heat damage in the needles of high-speed sewing.

Size: 210D/2, 210D/3,210D/4, 420D/3…

Normal Packages: 125g/cone, 250g/cone and others according to customer needs.

Main Uses:

Luggage and travel goods,Outdoor goods and sports equipment, Leather goods,Belts,Leather Wear,Furniture Upholstery,Footwear


It has excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, microorganisms and mildew and is ideal for outdoor furniture, automotive, canvas awnings, or grass catcher bags, to sewing flags, lingerie, and surgical apparel

Bonded Polyester Filaments Sewing Thread
Bonded Polyester Filaments Sewing Thread

High tenacity CF nylon 6.6 bonded to deliver excellent tensile strength

Specially formulated lubricant for consistent thread tensions and good sewability

Wide range of dye house dyed colors and bobbins available

Special in-line dye-bond technology for cost effective use in military backpacks

Capability to apply in-line anti-wick finish

Bonded Polyester Filaments Sewing Thread
Bonded Polyester Filaments Sewing Thread

Why Choose Us

1/ Stable quality

We passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. We exported to more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad.

2/ Product environmental protection

Our company got OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS Ⅰ certificate, meeting customer’s higher requirements for enviornmental protection.

3/ Enough inventory

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