[Features Of Nylon Bonded Thread]

Bonded Polyamide 6.6 Thread
Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Bonded Polyamide 6.6 Thread

: Nylon 66 material is not easy to high tension, temperature resistance, and strong abrasion resistance. It has good sewing performance and can be used for modern high-speed sewing machines with a rotation speed of 3000 or above. It is also our flagship product. Bondi thread is a sewing thread that does not loose strands. It cannot be unscrewed clockwise by hand. This is a simple way to distinguish Bondi thread from other sewing threads.

[Polyamide 6.6 Bonded Thread Process]:

The sewing thread adopts nylon (nylon) filament twisting, bonding and shaping, dyeing and oiling winding. According to the different bonding methods, it is divided into two categories: Neibang Nylon Bondi thread and Waibang Nylon Bondi thread. Neibang: It is made by direct internal bonding and shaping when the yarn is bonded through a special process. Waibang: The finished line is externally bonded through melted Bondi glue.

[Application Of Polyamide 6.6 Bonded Thread]:

1. Double-needle, high-speed computer car is used to easily solve the problem of loose strands and broken wires.

2. Extra hard and thick fabrics, such as sewing thread selection for trolley cases, car seat belts, seats, and airbags;

3. Sewing threads for high-end brand leather goods, shoes, sofas, handbags, and outdoor products can improve product quality!

[Advantages Of Polyamide 6.6 Bonded Thread]

1. Bondi thread is a sewing thread with no loose strands, which will not untwist, wrinkle, loose strands and break when passing through the sewing machine;

2. Use high tensile polyester Fiber, temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, can easily solve the problem of double needle and high-speed computer car thread.

3. The Shunlong Bondi line is certified by the United States UL and is allowed to be used in the country’s safety products. It provides customers with a standard environmental report every year

polyamide sewing thread
Tex90 #92 1LT Raw White Bonded Polyamide 6.6 Thread

[Standby Model]:

60#(150D/3); 40#(210D/2); 30#(210D/3); 25#(250D/3);20#(280D/3); 10#(420D/ 3); 5#(630D/3); 0#(840D/3); 15 shares (1050D/3); 18 shares (1260D/3)

[Conventional Packaging]:

spool: net weight 120g/gross weight 140g; net weight 225g/gross weight 250g; carton: small box 60/box; consignment box 120/box and 150/box.