Nylon bonded thread

bonded nylon thread sizes
Bonded Nylon Thread Sizes

Nylon bonded thread is made of 100% nylon 66 nylon bonded thread, adhesive setting, dyeing and oiling winding.

bonded nylon thread
Bonded Nylon Thread

Nylon bonded thread features
High tensile strength, temperature resistance, wear resistance.
1、nylon bonded thread is not the bulk of the sewing thread, the needle when the car does not retreat twist, no wrinkles, not loose from the knot and broken;
2、Selection of high tensile nylon fiber, temperature, wear, can easily solve the double needle and high-speed computer car line problems.

bonded nylon thread
Bonded Nylon Thread

Nylon bonded thread application
1、Double needle, high-speed computer car selection, easy to solve the bulk, broken thread problems.
2、Bonded nylon sewing thread is especially hard and thick fabrics, such as trolley case, car seat belts, airbag sewing thread the best choice;
3、High-end brand leather goods, shoes, sofas, handbags of the preferred car suture, can improve product quality!

Excellent TenacityGood Durability
Lowly Elongation High Waterproof Property
Loose Strands PreventedExcellent Seam Strength & Appearance
High ProductivityGentle Luster
Extensive Colour Range 
Nylon bonded thread
Nylon Bonded Thread

Bonded Nylon Thread