Bonded Nylon Thread
Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread For Leather
NumberSpecificationNeedle numberFeatures
10#500D/323#Nylon thread 6 ‘, 66’ thread : The product color imported nylon materials.
Features: elongation 15-25% / smooth and soft.
High-strength sewing thread: This product has high strength, low elongation acid, anti-corrosion.
Features: temperature (205 ℃), high tensile, wear resistance, low elongation.
DuPont and Bonded thread: The two kinds of products made of colored DuPont materials, in addition to having the characteristics of ordinary nylon line, but also has a high tensile, wear resistance, excellent toughness, the reduction rate is small, elastic moderate, stitch smooth.
Features: elongation of 15% -25%, temperature (205 ℃), high strength


Bonded Nylon Thread
Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread For Leather


Polyamide 66 synthetic fibre, popular name Nylon 66 synthetic fibre. lSpecification: 140D/3,210D/3,280D/3,210D/4,420D/3,630D/3,840D/3,1050D/3,1260D/3. lCharacteristic: The advantage of polyamide 66 is its good endurance and flexibility. When it is stretched its 103% to 106%, it will comeback 100%. Nylon 66 bonded thread adopt nylon 66 filament, through special process to bond inside while twisting the yarn, then sticking and finalize the design. While sewing the thread does not disentwine, not cottony. Compared with other threads, this item has good endurance, good tenacity, mezzo flexibility, good sewing effect, small shrink rate.

Special Process:

nylon66 fiber,bonded process, and special silicone oil, to make the thread with high heat resitant function


Belt Accessories,Walts, Key, Chains,Filters, Athletic Shoes, Car Equipment, Footwear, Automotive Trime, Gloves,Book Binding, Traps, Covers, Handbags, Leather Goods, Boots, luggage, Bed Spreads/Quilts/Comforters, Mattresses, Comping Equipment, tents, Awning,Flotation Device,Upholstered Furniture


1. 3Application:shoes,sofa ,hand bag,and all kinds of products.

1) Quality of dyed nylon bonded thread:Have a perfect quality control system,to produce products that customers need.

2) Sample lead time of dyed nylon bonded thread:If any samples in stock,can be delivery right now,if specially produced,need 3-5day usually.

3) Production capacity of dyed nylon bonded thread:500 tons per month;

4) Pricing of dyed nylon bonded thread:All the price are factory price.,depending on the size and material to be used;

5) MOQ of dyed nylon bonded thread:500 kgs, but the more quantity the cheaper;

6) Delivery sea/air port: Shenzhen or Hong Kong;

7) The pictures shown are for reference only, we can fully customize according to the customer’s requirement;

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Bonded Nylon Thread
Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread For Leather

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Bonded Nylon Thread
Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread For Leather

Bonded Nylon Thread