Bonded Thread


Poly-amide 6.6 synthetic fiber, popular name nylon 6.6 or 6 synthetic fiber, through special process to bonded inside white twisting the yarm, them sticking and finalize all fiber together like one, while sewing, the bonded thread does not dis-entwine, not cottony, high resistance to abrasion. The sewing effect is very wonderful due to the advantage of nylon material and the effectual disposal of lubricant.


Nylon bonded thread have excellent tenacity, good durability, low elongation, high waterproof property, loose strands prevented, excellent seam strength &apperance, high productivity, gentle luster.

Materials:Nylon 6 66 bonded
Type:Size 207/ Tex 210 / Ticket 13 / 630D/3 Raw White and Dyed , Make-to-order service
Color:more 1000 colors from FlyingWheel color card
Logo:Shineman or customer logo
Samples Time:1-2day
Application:] Handicrafts , Tassels , Lace Embroidery ,Garment Accessories ,Knitting , Weaving . 
Packing Details:as customer’s requist
Production Capacity:3500ton/year
Payment Term:L/C,T/T and cash


bonded nylon thread
Bonded Nylon Thread Size 207/ Tex 210 / Ticket 13 / 630D/3
NumberSpecificationNeedle numberFeatures
10#500D/323#Nylon thread 6 ‘, 66’ thread : The product color imported nylon materials.
Features: elongation 15-25% / smooth and soft.
High-strength sewing thread: This product has high strength, low elongation acid, anti-corrosion.
Features: temperature (205 ℃), high tensile, wear resistance, low elongation.
DuPont and Bonded thread: The two kinds of products made of colored DuPont materials, in addition to having the characteristics of ordinary nylon line, but also has a high tensile, wear resistance, excellent toughness, the reduction rate is small, elastic moderate, stitch smooth.
Features: elongation of 15% -25%, temperature (205 ℃), high strength


bonded nylon thread
Bonded Nylon Thread Size 207/ Tex 210 / Ticket 13 / 630D/3

• Canvas

• Leather goods

• Leather footwear

• Furniture upholstery

• Automotive

• Outdoors and camping goods

• Luggage and travel goods

• Bedding and Matress

• Military goods and supplies

• Industrial lifting slings

• Filtration

• Hair Weaving


Excellent Resistance to chemical, bacteria, mildew and abrasion


Superior seam strength and amazing recovery properties

Flat, Ribbon like cross-section delivers low seam profile

Superior Sewability

Available in natural, white, black and colors

bonded by the resin and finished by special lubricant and heat-setting

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filament thread
Bonded Nylon Thread Size 207/ Tex 210 / Ticket 13 / 630D/3

 Stable quality

We passed ISO9001 quality management system , ISO14001 environmental management system and IATF 16949  . We exported to more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad.

Product environmental protection

Our company got OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS Ⅰ  certificate, meeting customer’s higher requirements for enviornmental protection.

bonded nylon thread
Bonded Nylon Thread Size 207/ Tex 210 / Ticket 13 / 630D/3

Bonded Nylon Thread