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Nylon 66 Bonded, 138 bonded nylon thread

  • 138 bonded nylon thread
    138 bonded nylon thread

138 bonded nylon thread




Tickets size

Average strength


Elongation Min-Max


Recommended needle sizeApplication
100D33580≥2.113-2212-1480-90Light weight
138D34560≥3.023-3214-1690-100Medium weight
210D37040≥4.523-3216-18100-110Medium weight
280D39030≥6.024-3316-20100-120Heavy weight


313520≥9.025-3419-23120-160Heavy weight
630D321013≥13.525-3422-24140-180Extra heavy weight

Bonded Sewing Thread for Leather

Nylon 66 Bonded Sewing Thread for Leather

138 bonded nylon thread
bonded nylon thread

Bonded nylon is recommended for sewing projects that won't be exposed to UV rays for a prolonged period of time. 

Nylon can degrade when exposed to direct sunlight (UV rays) over time, which is what makes it more common for use in furniture, sports goods, outdoor goods, shoes, automotive chairs, airbag, and leather goods.


Excellent Tenacity / Good durability / Lowly elongation / High waterproof property / Loose stands prevented / Excellent seam strength & appearance / High productivity / Gentle luster / Extensive color range


Polyester high tenacity threadNylon high tenacity threadNylon bond thread 
Leather goods
QuiltingSuitcase & bag
Formal tailoring Sports goods  
Bedding/mattress Outdoor Goods  
 Upholstery Indoor soft decoration 
Blind stitching --Automative chair
Industrial products--Airbag

Why choose us

138 bonded nylon thread
Nylon 66 Bonded Sewing Thread for Leather

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Bonded Nylon Thread
Nylon 66 Bonded Sewing Thread for Leather

Bonded Nylon Thread

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