Bonded Nylon Thread
69# Tex 70 Black Bonded Nylon Thread

Bonded Thread is a bonded twisted nylon 66 threads with outstanding strength, extraordinary durability and exceptional resistance to mildew, rot and abrasion.

Size: TEX 50 (210D/2), TEX 70(210D/3), TEX 90(280D/3), TEX 135(420D/3), TEX 210(630D/3), TEX 270(840D/3).

Single Ply like 210D/1, 280D/1, 420D/1,630D/1 and 840D/1 also available.

Package: 40G, 80G, 200G, 250g, 400G, 500G/cone, others also available.

Main uses:

Athletic and general footwear, Automotive, Bedding / Mattress, Book binding ,Computer stitching, Diving suits , Furniture / Upholstery, Canvas, Industrial lifting slings, Leather goods, garments & belts , Luggage and sporting goods, Military goods / supplies, Outdoor / camping goods, Sporting goods .

Features and Benefits:

· High tenacity C.F. nylon 6.6 delivers outstanding tensile strength.

· Higher abrasion resistance for extreme stitching applications.

· Unique bond chemistry and proprieties ensure consistent bond and prevents ply untwisting or fraying.

· Uniquely applied & controlled level of lubrication, thread glides smoothly through needle eye, constant thread tension & balanced stitches.

· Bonding protects the fiber from damage during stitching.

Bonded Nylon Thread
69# Tex 70 Black Bonded Nylon Thread

Bonded Nylon Thread