Bonded Nylon Thread
Bonded Nylon Thread


A 100% nylon 66 filament plied twisted thread, stitching, dyeing, and oiled winding sewing process are used.


Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread is not a strand of sewing thread, characterized by high tensile strength, temperature resistance, strong wear resistance.


1, double needle, high-speed computer car selection, easy to solve loose strands, break the problem.

2, special hard special thick fabrics, such as trolley, car seat belt, airbag sewing thread best choice;

3, high-end brand leather goods, shoes, sofas, handbags preferred sewing thread, can improve product quality!


1. The Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread is a sewing thread that does not disperse. When the sewing machine is used, it does not rewinder, does not wrinkle, and does not loosen or break.

2. Select high tensile polyester fiber, temperature resistance, wear resistance, can easily solve the double needle and high-speed computer car line problems.

Bonded Nylon Thread