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Why does BEABANG New Fiber’s Foamless Bonded Thread not contain oil?

With the rapid development of the industry, sewing needles are also being updated from one generation to the next. At present, the sewing industry has entered the era of high-speed sewing machines. High-speed sewing machines are characterized by fast sewing speeds and accurate stitch positioning, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing the number of sewing machines. The number of workers.

At the same time as the speed of the sewing machine is increased, a new requirement is also raised for the sewing thread.
Usually, ordinary sewing machines use sewing threads for many years. When they are on a high-speed sewing machine, they break the thread and are not complicated. The main reason is that because the speed is faster, the needle thread and the sewing thread are increased. Friction and pinhole temperature are too high.
Some experienced needleworkers or mechanics would think of putting bubbles in the oil so that the car would be less disconnected.
There are two problems with the self-foaming in the sewing workshop:The first is that the oil used is not a professional line oil, and there is a phenomenon that the color fastness of the clothing line containing the Tina water will be reduced after the writing of the oil foam line.The second is that the direct bubble oil will contaminate the line and it will also contaminate the fabric of the sewing machine.
The BEABANG New Fiber Foam-free Sewing Thread solution is: After the sewing thread dyeing is completed, the package yarn is dried, and the single-line heating is used to set the traction sewing thread to let the special wax oil of the sewing thread penetrate into the fibers of the sewing thread. , even if the Bonded Thread reaches 10%-15% of the line oil, the surface will not have a sticky feeling, so that the sewing thread made from the bubble oil, high temperature, smooth seam, and will not cause pollution. High speed sewing machine is the best partner!