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What are the advantages of Bonded Thread?

When the sewing machine is used, the sewing thread is driven by the eye of the needle, inserted into the fabric to be sewn, and intersected with the bottom line to achieve the purpose of stitching. Through the process of needle eye, the most direct force on the sewing thread is extrusion. The most obvious damage to the sewing thread is the stranding, which is the reason for the extrusion. As the accumulation of shares will form a knot, the final result will be loose stocks and broken lines. Bonded Thread is a non-stranded sewing thread. Bonded Thread is a process of twisting the wire. A hot fuse is added in the middle of the strand. After the sewing thread is plied, it is heated and shaped, and the strand is bonded from the inside. Di line is a sewing thread that does not have a stock.
Bonded Thread’s production process is to introduce a single-strand concept. The single-strand force of the needle eye is the advantage of Bonded Thread. When the Bonded Thread is not used, it is internally bonded together, so it does not retreat or wrinkle. Do not loose stocks, so the probability of disconnection is greatly reduced, this is the extra thick and hard fabric: such as ABS hard box, strong thickened seat belt, etc. Why must choose not to loosen Bonded Thread reason!