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Benefits of Core Spun Sewing Threads for High Speed Sewing Machines

With the wide use of high-speed sewing machines with the times, the application scope of Core Spun Sewing Threads continues to expand. But what are the benefits of Core Spun Sewing Threads for high-speed sewing machines?

 Core Spun Sewing Threads is mainly used in high-speed sewing. Due to the friction between the sewing needle and the fabric, the temperature of the sewing needle will increase sharply, especially when the speed is above 5000/min, the sewing needle will exceed 300 degrees, and the high-strength polyester filaments The melting point is 255 degrees to 260 degrees, so the polyester filament thread is easily broken.

Core Spun Sewing Threads can avoid these problems because Core Spun Sewing Threads are based on filaments and are covered with either cotton-based polyester staple or high-quality long-staple cotton. Therefore, the polyester filaments are not in direct contact with the needle eye, and the surface fibers can dissipate heat quickly.

Core Spun Sewing Threads is a high-strength polyester sewing thread that has the natural hairiness and feel of polyester staple fiber sewing thread or cotton thread and is ideal for high-speed sewing.

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