High Strength Sewing Thread
Bonded Polyester & Nylon Filament Thread
Machine Embroidery Thread


Material: High-strength 100% polyester continuous filament

Features & Benefits:

● One-step molding of ring;

●Pipemaking technology is precise, uniform winding density, good molding, suitable for dyeing drum yarn;

●Establish heat by stretching to improve physical properties;

● The softness of the thread, high suture strength, good elasticity;

● Excellent light and abrasion resistance;

● The supply of white, white, black and a variety of colors, can also be customized dyeing;

● Polyester high-strength sewing thread can develop new products according to the needs of customers: The sewing thread can be provided with conductive, flame-retardant, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet and other functions.

 Common specifications and physical standards:50D/3 to 1500D/3 specifications

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