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Luggage leather

ABS hard case, 1000D wear-resistant nylon fabric trolley case, car panel, safety belt, etc. The fabric is thick and dense, and the needle eye temperature is high during sewing. The sewing machine can often see the smoking phenomenon when it is in the sewing machine. The difficulty of testing the quality of sewing threads is greatly increased. Ordinary sewing threads such as: polyester high-strength sewing thread, polyester SP thread sewing thread, nylon sewing thread are generally difficult to resist this temperature, it is easy to wrinkle, loosen, Even broken sewing thread.

Nylon 66 Bundy sewing thread is recommended. Bundy sewing thread is a non-flocked sewing thread. It is made of DuPont nylon 66 monofilament which is resistant to high temperature and abrasion resistance. The lines are glued together inside. Nylon 66 Bundy sewing thread features high tensile strength, temperature resistance and wear resistance. When the sewing machine crosses the eye of the needle, the Bondi line can work together as a single force, and the whole needle eye will not retreat, it will not loosen and wrinkle knots, and then combined with highly efficient temperature-resistant wax oil lubrication, so can be competent in special thick, Very hard fabric sewing.

Recommended Use:

Fabric Noodle: 0# (840D/3) N66 Bundy sewing thread; Bottom line: 10# (420D/3) N66 Bondi sewing thread.

Inside the inside line: 30# (250D/3) polyester high-strength sewing thread; bottom line 303# polyester SP sewing thread

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