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Leather Sofa

The selection of sewing threads for sofas and stretch fabrics must take into account the issue of sewing thread elongation.Because the interior of the sofa skin is covered with a soft sponge, when people sit up, according to the degree of softness and hardness of the sofa sponge, the sofa will sag into the distance of 5-15 cm, so that the sewing place of the sewing machine will inevitably bear huge downward Pressure, polyester sewing thread elongation is 6-10%; nylon sewing thread elongation is 21-30%; polyester sewing sewing machine sofa, new sofa does not seem to be a problem, but to the customer use process In the leather seams, the seams are often broken due to insufficient elongation and repeated breaks occur. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of the sewing thread of soft sofas, the first step is to choose a good elastic nylon sewing thread so that people can sit on the seams. When going up, the sewing thread with enough elasticity will extend or retract as the pressure changes, achieving the best sewing effect for the soft sofa!Nylon sewing thread is a sewing thread made of nylon 6 or nylon 66 monofilament. The nylon thread is characterized by good gloss, abrasion resistance, good elasticity, and can be lengthened or retracted as the pressure increases or decreases. .

When the sewing thread is stretched by 5-8%, 100% of the original length can be rebounded, and the nylon sewing thread is the preferred thread selection for the elastic sewing product.

If the strands are glued inside by a special process, the effect of not splitting the strands can be achieved. This is what we call the nylon Bondi line, also called nylon Bondi sewing thread.

When the non-distributive Bondi sewing thread passes through the eye, it is not easy to break because of single-strand force, no retraction, no loosening, no wrinkling. The sewing thread is hard and straight, and the sewing effect is even better!

Recommended Use: 10# (420D/3) Nylon Sewing Thread 10# (420D/3) Nylon Bondi Thread

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