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Curtain cloth

Material: Polyester DTY

Features :

● Curtain fabrics can be produced with low-cut sorghum (60捻-1800捻), suitable for warp weft yarns;

● Single-strand and multi-strand yarns are added, and the tension of the joint stocks is moderately controlled to provide protection for subsequent twisting;

● Finished product fixed weight, uniform twist / tension, no oil, no wool, constant tension unwinding, low loss;

● From the inspection of raw materials into production and production packaging, each step is strictly controlled and the finished product rate is improved to the best;

● Set up a modern testing center to provide a more comprehensive test report;

● CNC setting, from low temperature to high temperature, the inner and outer layers of the tube are heated evenly, without layer difference;

● automatic packaging machine, according to the weight of the bobbin and the physical properties of the packaging;

● Curtain fabrics can be used to develop products based on customer samples.

Common specifications and physical properties: FDY 30D-4000D

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